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Markets Have Come in Many Forms Over the Ages

Imagine a constant stream of empowerment, surrounded by greater investment options, asset classes and unprecedented access fuelled by Blockchain. The financial future will see all of this stitched together to form a far more connected, traceable and secure Hashstacs experience. 

- Stitching the Ecosystem, Stack by Stack


Prime Time

Friday 2 August 6:15pm

Jay Ng

Managing Director, Hashstacs


A Comprehensive Solution for the Digital Asset World

From Private Funds to Equities, Bonds, Fixed Assets, Commodities, Real Estate Amongst Others

Address Capital Market Inefficiencies in This Winning Opportunity

Redefining Finance

HASHSTACS is a Fintech development company and technological solutions provider for the financial world. With the inevitable market evolution, our technology bridges traditional finance, commercial markets and Blockchain, while incorporating regulatory requirements.

Commerce & Finance


Positioned to Capture the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Capital Markets


Transcend traditional financial issues by streamlining capital markets efficiencies and providing new revenue streams. Innovation-focused enterprise solutions for exchanges and storages of digital assets to meet the needs of the modern world.

  • Address capital market inefficiencies with our Blockchain-powered solution tailored for digital assets
  • Enterprise Wallet

    Robust security to reshape the storage of digital assets and point-to-point transactions
  • Digital Exchange

    Gateway to borderless and frictionless new markets

Create a first-mover advantage to change
 the way capital is accessed, raised and transferred


Notable Media Mentions

  • "What we provide is the blockchanin [technology] deployed for a few banks, as well as the web application, to make it easy for users to carry out the life cycle of a bond - from the issuance to trading, clearing and settlement of the digital asset," says Ng.

  • Given it's ten years since the Financial Crisis, (we've seen) a dearth of financial access with the concept of financial inclusion. We need a new capital-raising mechanism to cater to this infrastructure gap. 
    DIGITAL ASSETS as the key mechanism to raise capital for SMEs.

  • Ben Simpsons
    Cointelegraph Ana Alexandre

    Hashtacs Inc. and STO Global-X will jointly launch an integrated Tokenized Securities Exchange product that will purportedly allow stock exchanges and other qualified financial institutions to tokenize assets and boost trading, clearing and settling of digital securities.

  • Lori Carroll
    CoinDesk Nick Cowan

    We aim to leverage Blockchain to open up greater liquidity pools, making illiquid assets more accessible, and set the foundations to better democratise capital markets.